Open Call for Nominations

Gwinnett Area Trail Riders members, SORBA members, and local mountain bike community members,

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This message serves as an open call for nominations (including self identifying volunteers!) to run for the following named GATR board positions. In addition, if numbers allow, the current board may vote to elect one or more additional “board members at large” which historically have served as ride coordinators, social coordinators, webmasters, and other similar roles. Any nominations from current GATR members or the community must be seconded by a GATR member. 
All nominations, seconding, and show of support should should be completed via Facebook as follows.
Nomination: Please comment on this post with the Position and the Full Name. Optionally, provide a reason why you nominated this individual which may be yourself.
Ex: “President – Jane Doe: She is awesome”
Second / Support: Simply ‘like’ the nomination comment to indicate your second or support of the nominee.
If you do not have a Facebook account (GATR’s preferred communication) please forward your nomination or second to and your request will be recorded.
Current nominations as identified and recruited by board are as follows:


  • Lisa Broughton (Former Treasurer)
    • Nominated by Board

Vice President

  • Randy Gordon
    • Nominated by Lisa Broughton
    • YABA member


  • Cheryl Kopatz (Incumbent)
    • Nominated by Board


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Tribble Mill Trail Coordinator

  • Chris Price
    • Nominated by Board
    • YABA member

Harbins Trail Coordinator

  • <open>

Yellow River Trail Coordinator

  • Corey Pihera 
    • Nominated by Stuart Tinker
GATR would also like to recognize the work of outgoing board members:
  • Clay Combs for his outstanding effort and leadership as President for several years before Colorado stole him away
  • Tracy Brown for his outreach to youth cycling during his short time a President before Minnesota stole him away
  • Eric Spencer for his trail maintenance at Harbins, non-profit expertise, and assistance as interim VP and President
  • Anthony Lee for his incredible almost single handed effort to maintain Tribble Mill and make GATR’s largest fundraiser, the Chain Buster Taco Stand Classic, a huge success for multiple years in a row
  • Stuart Tinker for his assistance in the care, upkeep, and planning for the future of Yellow River
This list certainly isn’t meant to preclude the years of service from both Lisa Broughton and Cheryl Kopatz…they have just decided they want to do even more!
GATR has several reasons to be excited. Talks of joining forces with other area clubs, oversight and assistance to the county as they look to improve upon and expand the Yellow River trail system, as well next year’s ChainBuster race which is gaining participants every year and is regionally recognized will keep the board and club busy.
But GATR needs your help to make it all happen!  Whether it is a shovel on the trail during workdays, spreading the word to riders who might be unfamiliar with SORBA-GATR, taking a seat at the board room table (i.e. having a drink and dinner with fellow impassioned riders at a fine local Gwinnett restaurant-bar once a month on a Monday evening), casting a vote, or just showing up for club meetings and rides to show your support…make sure you do your part.
What can you do to help support the riding you love?
2015 GATR Board
Excerpt from the GATR By-laws at


    • Officers and Duties.
The officers of the / GATR Chapter Board of Directors shall be comprised, at a minimum, of the following seven (7) positions.:

  1. President: The president shall be responsible for carrying out the directives of the Chapter Board of Directors. Duties include strategic planning, ensuring GATR goals are consistent with the members’ desires, ensuring that important action items are accomplished, researching and pursuing funding, attending SORBA meetings, and supporting all board members and club activities.

  1. Vice President: The vice president shall be responsible for assisting the president in administrative tasks and shall represent GATR in the absence of the President. Additionally the VP shall be responsible for establishing monthly meetings, location, content, and will maintain and report the financial records to the SORBA Treasurer.

  1. Secretary: The secretary shall be responsible for writing; assisting, or reviewing important club documents including board meeting minutes, Fat Tire Times articles, grant proposals, outreach materials, club messages, maintaining the by-laws, GATR archives, and providing information to members and others from these resources.

  1. Treasurer: The treasurer shall report on the status of all money and property of SORBA-GATR and shall maintain records of all financial transactions. The treasurer shall also communicate financial matters to SORBA BOD as needed.

  1. At-Large-Positions: There will be three (3) At-Large BOD positions. These members have full board voting rights and will be assigned one of the optional positions as described below.

    1. Optional Positions as determined necessary by the majority vote of the Primary BOD. These positions may be assigned either to a BOD member or a non-BOD GATR member.  A board member shall have only one vote regardless of positions held.

  1. Trail Director: The trail director shall coordinate and plan the dates of work parties along with the trail coordinators for all trails under the care of GATR.

  1. Trail Coordinator(s): The trail coordinators shall coordinate trail activities for individual park trails under his charge, including pursuing access to new lands for trail building, planning maintenance of existing trails, obtaining and directing volunteers at work parties, developing relationships with local officials, and promoting proper trail etiquette.  A trail coordinator shall be assigned, one (1) to each of the parks with moutain bike trails in the chapter.

  1. Ride Coordinator: The ride coordinator shall coordinate dates and times to lead bike rides and skill improvement classes at any SORBA maintained trail or other trail legally open to MTB riding activities. Responsibilities include sending out communications (via or other media) listing meeting place, time, date and type of function.

  1. Membership Director: The membership director shall create and manage a marketing plan to increase and sustain active members. Duties include developing outreach materials and distribution mechanisms, arranging technical sessions/speakers/activities at monthly meetings, and overseeing “fun” (referring to strategic plan) activities. Duties also include solicitations to prospective vendors, and GATR members; as well as, organizing volunteer and donation campaigns at GATR events.

  1. Webmaster: The webmaster shall be responsible for designing and maintaining the GATR web site under the approval of the Board of Directors. This responsibility includes managing the chapter’s presence on the internet by communicating chapter activities, and providing area mountain biking information to the members and non-members.

  1. PR and Communications Director: Shall manage and direct GATR communications and marketing campaigns

  1. The Events Coordinator shall be responsible for organizing chapter events such as The Yellow River Festival, fund raisers, races and other events to promote GATR outside of regular chapter activities.

  1. Land Manager Liaison: The position of Liaison will be assigned to whichever GATR member or members has the most consistent contact with the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation officials so that there can be consistency in our relationship with those officials. The Liaison may or may not be a GATR BOD member.

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